Sustainable Weight Loss Coaching

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You can Transcend challenges many people have!
Your life could look like this:

You’re playing and keeping up with your kids.
You’re in harmony with your significant other over meal choices.
You’re able to plan and prepare healthy meals in spite of busy schedules and routines.
You’re confident in clothes that fit so you can ditch the sweat pants when going out on a nice date.
Your family happily eats healthy meals.
You’re overcoming and preventing all kinds of health issues, such as depression, a hyper thyroid, back pain, heart disease, and many more

My Unique Approach

My secret… whole food plant-preferred

Giving up animal products and your other favorite foods is not what I advocate. However, one of my secrets to facilitating and maintaining weight loss is to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables. Focusing on what you should eat versus should not eat will “crowd out” those foods you should consume in moderation. No food is “bad”, but eating more fruits and vegetables is great. Given the American diet which is high in harmful fats and processed foods, focusing on eating more nutritious plant foods is a better approach. For example, this could mean creating a meal inspired by fresh vegetables versus building a meal around meat and dairy.

Having this belief of focusing on adding more plant foods to your diet, inspires me to create whole food plant-preferred recipes which I have on my blog – Clean Cooking with Caitlin. I would love to share my recipes with you on your journey to weight loss and better health. ️ ❤️️

Let me show you how to adopt this whole food plant-preferred lifestyle. This approach to weight loss works, because fruits and vegetables are filling, satisfy your body’s need for nutrition, and naturally reduce your caloric intake.

I’ll coach you to:

Form Healthy Habits – Education

Plan and prepare whole food, easily portioned meals with a busy schedule

Form Healthy Habits – Bi-Weekly Check-in

Provide accountability

Your program includes:

A nutrition program proven with over 100,000 clients to deliver extraordinary results through easy portioning and developing healthy habits that can last a lifetime

A gamified platform to learn more about your weekly practices, as well as update measurements and photos, see your progress, and check in with your coach.

An exclusive accountability Facebook group, where parents can collaborate to help each other reach goals. I will consistently check-in with you here as well!

Customized coaching, consistent communication, and live group chats.

Included Bonuses

Start Today!

Limited spots so everyone gets the attention they deserve!

Try the program for two weeks, and if you’re not into it, you can cancel for a full refund.

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3 Month Program


In full for three month program

* Lose up to 36 pounds

2 week guarantee

6 Month Program

$550 $495

10% off if you pay in full for 6 months!

In full for six month program.

* Lose up to 72 pounds

2 week guarantee

Not ready to commit to the program practices, but want to get the Quick Start Guide with a plan that is customized for you and your preferences? Start losing weight this week! What’s included:

  • Custom Quick Start Guide custom to YOU
  • 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching
  • $25 voucher for 3 and 6 month programs
  • Access to several exclusive resources including “How to Create the Perfect Meal”, “Frozen to Fabulous Meal Guide”, and some of my own recipes curated for you!


*This plan will get you started, but won’t support building lifelong healthy habits. You will lose weight, but will want to consider upgrading to learn the practices that maintain results! Does not include bonuses associated with program. This purchase is non-refundable.

Have questions first? Shoot me an email 📧 or book a free consultation📞😊

* These numbers are predicted based on a man who is 90%+ consistent with the program. These numbers are realistic and come from the data here.

2016 to Today

Me 2016

  • Lacking energy
  • Lacking confidence
  • Unhealthy
  • Struggled with depression
  • Overwhelmed, struggled with food planning and prep
  • Kids wouldn’t eat vegetables
  • A poor health role model for my child

Me Today

  • Vibrant energy
  • Confident
  • Much healthier
  • Overcame depression
  • More control over food planning and preparation
  • Kids ask for vegetables
  • A positive example of a healthy, balanced lifestyle for my kids

Since my transformation, I have been obsessed with discovering all I can about nutrition. I learned the hard way that there is a lot of information out there… much of it isn’t proven and the theories often contradict each other.

Now I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, excited to lead you on your journey to happiness and health.

+ Caitlin Havener

Proven with over 100,000 people over 15 years, Precision’s mission is research-driven, life-changing nutrition coaching for everyone.

Testimonials – PN method results

Diana, 67, lost 62 lbs
Laurie, 56, lost 51 lbs
Javier, 42, lost 60 lbs

This program is not for you if…

  • You prefer crash diets
  • You aren’t ready and willing to change
  • You are attached to a very unhealthy lifestyle
  • You aren’t ready to adopt healthy habits
  • You’d prefer risky weight loss drugs or surgery

Sustainable Weight Loss Group

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Is IF the right strategy for you? Here I describe what it is, it's benefits and disadvantages, and why it works for weight loss. to do a personal assessment to see if Intermittent Fasting is a good strategy for you? Complete this assessment and send to me! I will give you your results for free. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
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The pandemic had a serious impact on many people’s fitness routines. Staying motivated, finding guided workouts, working out without equipment that we are accustomed to at the gym, and changes in our routines can make it more difficult to maintain our workout schedules. That being said - we do have one GIANT saving grace: technology. The internet offers so many ways to maximize your workout from home and maintain your fitness in a remote world. 💪 Free online classes.YouTube offers THOUSANDS of workout videos and exercise channels - for free! This article from CNet shares 10 of the best free exercise channels on YouTube: 💪 Live virtual personal training and/or group classes.Most personal trainers and local gyms adapted to offer online training and classes when gyms were forced to close. And most of them continue to offer these even as in-person opportunities resume.💪 Replace equipment focused workouts with free weight workouts. While most of us may not have a home gym with all of the equipment that we find at a fitness center, most equipment based exercises can be modified with free weights. In fact, free weights actually activate more muscles than most machine weights. Invest in dumbbells or kettlebells for your home work… or create your own sand bag weights. You can find DIY sandbag tutorials on YouTube and make your own weights for less than $20!Looking for a great workout and running programs? I recommend trying my friend, Erica Weitz Check out her programs here: ... See MoreSee Less
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Try and see past appearances.. I know that's hard. I show my before and after because it is the most tangible evidence I have of the transformation that happened inside. Yeah, I think my appearance improved drastically, but it definitely wasn't the only benefit I experienced. Your own personal compelling "why" is what can really move you toward change. Motivation to "look good" dies... With a "why" like living to see your kids have their own kids or being able to face the world and your fears confident and energized - that has the power to reignite motivation over and over... Me in 2016:* Sleeping ~13 hours a day with depression* Self medicating by way of alcohol, food, sex, drugs... you name it... * Afraid to talk to peopleMe post transformation, corresponding to bullets above:* I still sleep 8-9 hours a day, but that's GOOD for you! Excessive sleep can definitely be a sign of depression. I still experience my ups and downs living with anxiety & mood disorder, but I know how to manage it through self care* Everything legal and not in excess* I'm still a little hesitant to approach certain people and situations, but I'm no longer afraid to put myself out there!So many more changes but these were just a few. Two compelling core reasons that motivated me to change were: 1. Post breakup - honestly I just felt unlovable and didn't value myself. I felt like if I spent some time "loving" myself, maybe the right person would love me.1. I couldn't get Quin to school on time in the morning because I had like NO ENERGY! I honestly felt like an incompetent parent. I knew my health could be the reason for my lack of energy and a possible solution for my depression, and it was!In one sense, I share this with you to remind you that I'm not just another wellness fanatic and that I truly understand many stages one might go through in their health journey. I really want to connect with you, and that can often be a challenge when your projecting your message out into this world of information overload!On another, I invite you to consider at least one of these things (feel free to comment or just consider in your head):A) Are you struggling with obstacles that could be related to your health and have you considered improving it as a possible solution?B) Are you currently wanting a change but struggling to find enough purpose to power your motivation and efforts? C) Are you wanting a change but lack the knowledge and/or support to make it happen?I'm here to help! I didn't quit my decent paying tech job for nothing. I quit because helping others undergo a similar transformation to mine is fulfilling to me and is a passion with obstacles I am relentless to resolve. If you think you might be ready for a lifestyle change, NOT a temporary diet... hit me up 😉. We start another program today! Hell, if you aren't sure and just need someone to listen, I can be just a friend too. ❤ ... See MoreSee Less
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What is one thing you love about working out from home? ... See MoreSee Less
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